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Business Succession Planning & Business Transition Advisors

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Most businesses need professional assistance in order to realize their optimal transition value. The BTA will develop a business succession strategy that meets your organization's unique needs.

- The Business Transition Alliance

Business Succession Planning – Business Transition Consultants & Advisors

Fact: 1/3 of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will transition within 5 years. Many of these SMEs are family owned businesses, representing years of personal investment & work.

60% of those don’t have a Business Transition plan, including Family Business Succession Planning.

Only 25% of salable companies will be successful in transition

Why is business succession planning so important?

Why do so many business owners fail to realize their optimal transition value?  There is a Business Transition expertise gap:

  • Owners too critical to operations: Majority of the valuation is attached to the owner not the business
  • Owners too involved in the day to day operations
  • Lack of time / capacity to think strategically, plan and implement winning business succession strategies
  • Difficulty seeing the forest for the tress: setting strategic targets and executing tactically
  • Resource constraints; time, financial, human
  • Effective Business Transition or Family Business Succession Planning is not undertaken early enough

Reverse Management Associates, Clearwater Communications and Sidron Capital pooled resources to form The Business Transition Alliance (BTA),

BTA’s mission is to help small & family business owners develop and implement actionable business succession strategies to successfully transition their businesses.

What can the BTA offer you:

  • Hands-on business consulting, operational and advisory services
  • Senior marketing, communications and sales expertise
  • Experienced Financial Professionals, CFO and Transactions
    • We have run and sold companies as principals and advisors
  • Experience across a broad range of businesses and industries

Hands On Expertise, Business Consulting and Advisory Services, Delivered with Exceptional Value

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