Tuesday December 5, 2023

Advantages of Business Consulting Services

The Advantages Of Business Outsourcing Services

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The True Costs of Expertise Gaps – The Advantages of Business Consulting Services

By Randy Flewelling

Businesses of all sizes have needs that change regularly.  Resources and expertise are scarce.  Organizations must be positioned to react quickly, effectively and efficiently. They need the powerful impact of a broad range of expertise, delivered with maximum value.

The dynamic that often occurs is that as organizations grow or transition, the owners, managers and employees increasingly wear multiple hats. Organizations spread tasks around thinking; it is only a few hours, it will save money or we can make do until we can hire full time. Other than coverage for short term absences such as vacation, the reverse most often occurs with organizations being increasingly inefficient, owners and senior managers being stressed, less focused and less effective.  The impacts on the organization can include less than optimal growth or lower revenues, higher costs and lost opportunities and profits.

Why does this need to happen?  It is a vicious cycle.  For an organization to perform optimally, everyone on the team must be focused on the organization’s goals and on doing what they do best, the highest and best use(s) of their time.  Wearing too many hats dilutes, distracts and hurts the organization. For example, the owner of a business built it by taking personal leadership in sales, marketing and customer service.  Not only is it what they enjoy, it might be the highest and best use of their time, generating the greatest contribution to the organization. However, as the business grows, they get more and more involved in operations, sales marketing or financial management such as cash flow, banking and accounting. They may feel stressed and trapped thinking they they don’t need or cannot afford expertise such as a Chief Financial Officer.  They make do, week after week, month after month. Stress builds.  They and the business suffer.  What are the true costs of this to the business?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are gaps in your organization’s resourcing and expertise holding you back from achieving breakthrough progress and growth?
  • How good would it be for your organization and you if all of the businesses resources could better focus on their true areas of expertise?
  • Where can you find a team of experts that you can trust?  A team you could call upon to help you deal with interim, part time or project needs, in one or more areas?  A team that has a business operating philosophy that truly differentiates them?
  • Where can you find a one stop business outsourcing solution that is affordable?

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